I’m Done!

I submitted my last R2 application this weekend. And it feels so good. To tell you the honest truth, after going through the MBA grind, I am not so worried about whether a b-school will have me or not.

I’m just happy that I took the time to go through the process because its taught me a few things. Interested? Well, here we go.

1: The introspection, feedback and discussions I’ve had since July ‘09 with a variety of individuals ranging from friends, bosses, mentors and MBA grads has given me razor sharp focus on what I want to do. More importantly, I know how to go about it.

2: I’ve also understood the true value of an MBA. Yes, education is large piece of the b-school experience, but making connections, building relationships, finding mentors and learning from experiences of other people, in my opinion, is what’s most valuable. Perhaps you remember everything you learned as an undergrad – I, for one, only remember the people and experiences that made me the person I am today.

3: You can do it yourself. What I mean by this is, that should the destinies plot against you and you aren’t admitted this year, all is not lost. You can definitely reapply, hopefully after thorough introspection if you didn’t get a chance to think things through the first time around. More importantly, you can learn what they teach you in b-school on your own. Yes, it will take longer, you may not have a peer group to lean on or the brand recall of a S/H/W, but it can be done. All you need is motivation, self-direction and diligence. You have to agree with me when I say lazy people rarely bequeath a legacy to the world, whether they have an MBA or not.

4: Never be afraid to admit you need help or don’t know something. After my R1 applications, I took the time to think through why things didn’t work out. I asked people for help and had the humility to accept that I didn’t have all the answers. I was surprised that MBA grads, who have no connection with me except this blog, were willing to look over my essays. Admissions consultants like Linda Abraham of Accepted.com (tip of the hat to her) took the time to chat with me and helped my craft my R2 strategy, without asking for anything in return. All I can do is thank you wonderful people and assure you that I will pass it on.

With that fellow b-school wannabes, I wish you good luck and hope to be in your cohort later this fall. (Fingers crossed!)