Fellow  business school applicants. The road has almost come to an end. My results for the 2010 application season are known to you (summarized below) for you if you’ve just landed here.

R1: Kellogg (Interviewed/Dinged) / Booth(Dinged) / MIT (Interviewed/Deferred)
R2: Fuqua (Interviewed/Dinged) / HBS (No Interview) / Stanford (No Interview)

It has been a long, arduous journey; one that I hoped would end in at least one business school admitting this now forgotten soul. Alas! They have not.

Some will win, some will lose, some will live on to sing the blues. In my case, I will be spending the next few weeks giving serious thought to whether it still makes sense for me to apply again this fall. You’ll know, as soon as I do.

To all me hearties, I wish ye good luck. And if you get bruised on the b-school trail this year, maybe we’ll celebrate victories together next year.

Au revoir!


madbubbles said...

My complete support to you LBiggs. I am sure we can make the best out of whatever situation life throws at us. All the best for your next phase journey, where ever it takes you !

procrastinator said...


It's really depressing when we don't get into even one school that we've applied to (I have 5 dings and one decision pending out of 6 apps)

But after much thinking, I believe that it's better to wait for next fall. We can use this time to get feedback from the schools(of course, those which actually give one), re-frame our strategy, accomplish something more and then create a stronger app.

One of my friends got in the 3rd time he applied to bschool ! So, let's keep it going.

Hopefully, we will celebrate next year !

Hemant said...

Hey Biggs,
Do not loose hope. I am sure there is something better out there for you, if not now then may be next year.

And I am not saying just for the sake of saying, i am in a similar situation, but am already over this phase. I know how bad it feels, but I am sure it would get over it in a bit.

Good luck Biggs!!!

Do not loose heart and make best out of this situation.


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